Anna Farrell
User Experience Design
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PwC Extraordinary Challenges

PwC Extraordinary Challenges


PwC Extraordinary Challenges Campaign Site


Project: PwC Brand Campaign Site
Key Bits: Responsive web, Immersive campaign, C-Suite target
Role: UX Designer / Creative

The Project:

PwC wanted to change the conversation about its brand - long regarded among the "big four" accounting firms, its ground-breaking work was largely going unnoticed.  With the help Extraordinary campaign, we are bringing some of the truly amazing work the folks at PwC do on a daily basis - from helping an airline go international, to helping get effective cancer treatment to everyone who needs it.

In addition to the requisite TV, Print, and OLA, we had the enormous opportunity to create a truly immersive campaign site to really allow users to explore the HOW behind the extraordinary feats set up in broadcast media.   Partnering with NZ production company Assembly Ltd, we were able to create a beautiful, immersive, haptic, most-motion-capture-in-a-website-ever experience that truly breaks the category wide open.  No one in Tax/Audit/Assurance is doing work like this because, well, no one is doing work like this.

Check out the full site.

The site has been received really well:
FWA Site of the Day on February 6th, 2015
D&AD Wood Pencil
ADC Silver Cube
One Show Silver Pencil
Webby Finalist - Visual Design Function
Webby Finalist - Website Professional Services
Webby Honoree - Business Product/Services