Anna Farrell
User Experience Design
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Prudential Game of Odds

Prudential Game of Odds

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The Project: A Game to Illustrate Risk Misconceptions
Role: Freelance Senior UX Designer

The Project:

One of Prudential's "micro-tools", Game of Odds sought to teach users about their misconceptions about risk. We tend to think that bad things will never happen to us, but good things always will. This game puts it to the test - asking users to order sets of events from least to most likely to occur. 

It was a hugely fun project, and even got a little Webby recognition.


The Game:

The game is a simple card game - asking users to place scenarios in order of their likelihood of occurring. It's timed, earning a user more points for correct answers the more quickly they lock them in. All of this is to illustrate that we as humans drastically over-estimate the odds of good things happening to us (e.g., winning the lottery!), and drastically under-estimate the odds of bad things happening (e.g., getting hurt at work and needing disability). The hope is that at the end of the game, users will know they need to insure against the bad things, because they can happen!

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