Anna Farrell
User Experience Design

Prudential 4.01K Race for Retirement


Prudential 4.01K Race for Retirement


The Project: Responsive campaign and registration site
Role: Freelance Sr. UX Designer

The Problem:

In 2015, Prudential decided to hold a road race. A 4.01 Kilometer race to raise awareness and spur some action to close the retirement gap. Because as it turns out, that the vast majority of us will not be prepared for retirement when it gets here.

Our Task:

I joined Droga5 in March of that year and worked with the team on the development an execution of the race - from designing the registration site, to concepting the day itself. We didn't know if we'd pull it off, but it was such a massive success, that the team at Droga did the race again in 2016.

The Site:

The site was designed to be flexible. At launch, our main focus was getting people to register to run with us on race day. After the race, the site became a recap of the race, and focused on getting people to engage with us by taking the pledge to save just 1% more for retirement.


The Pledge:

One of the biggest factors in people not saving early enough is a lack of knowledge - of the problem and just how little can make a difference. Using charity run fundraising tropes, we encouraged runners to "pledge-raise" and get their family and friends to pledge to save more for their retirement


The Day of the Race:

At the race, we treated the course like a quiz, asking runners to "vote" on their answer by running through different gates.

After the race, runners used RFID bracelets to participate in real live versions of Prudential's retirement education tools and games.We used the opportunity to create old school carnival games and simple interactive moments that brought a lot of the investing lessons Prudential champions to life in new ways.