Anna Farrell
User Experience Design

Nike Trainers Hub

Nike Trainers Hub


The Project: Redesign UGC Hub for Nike Trainers and Athletes*
Key Bits: UGC, Responsive Web, Content Templates
Role: UX Lead

The Problem:

Nike wanted to re-design their Men's Training Hub to be more robust, easier to manage on the CMS side, and fully responsive. What we gave them was a platform that allows users to connect directly with Nike trainers to answer their questions, and read published content that pushes Nike's expertise and connects it to new products. 

Our Solution:

Our goal was to create a fully responsive site that would provide an equally useful experience to users on their mobile devices as their desktop computers.

It worked pretty well - even was honored with a Webby in 2017

The Homepage:

The homepage of the site introduces the user to the Knowledge Base by asking her to search for a training topic


The Knowledge Base:

The Knowledge Base is a robust content hub of all questions asked by Nike Athletes*, and answered by Nike Trainers. It allows users to filter and search for the types of questions that are relevant to them, based on training concern or sport or training goal.


UGC Questions:

Each question has its own page, allowing for direct linking and sharing on social channels. Related content also keeps our users engaged in our site


Featured Content:

Nike published content allows for more robust training stories, including photo series, videos, and product placement to inspire our users to engage further with the brand.


Flexible Article Templates:

The article template is flexible and easily adjusted via the CMS to account for varying depths and types of content