Anna Farrell
User Experience Design

Delta Air Lines

I lead the interactive part of the Delta Air Lines business during my year and a half as an account executive at W+K.  I got shit done. Earned clients' trust to push better work and better process. And even got a rad trip to TED 2013 to battle jet lag out of it.


Delta Air Lines


Delta Photon Shower

The Project: TED2013 Innovation Activation
Role: Account Executive

The Project:

During my time as an Account Executive at W+K, I lead a small, specialized, team through the creative development and production of a first-of-its-kind-jet-lag-fighting-light-bathing installation at the TED 2013 conference in Long Beach, CA.  For the project, we partnered with Oxford Neuroscientist Dr. Russell Foster, whose research centers on a recently discovered third photoreceptor in the human eye, whose sole purpose is regulating circadian rhythm.  What does this mean? By timing one's exposure to light (specifically blue light) just right, we can battle the effects of jet lag and recover after a long flight quicker than ever before.

To demonstrate Dr. Foster's research, we created the Delta Photon Shower.  A user would enter their departure and arrival city (perfect for TED-sters recently arriving from all corners of the globe) on a touchscreen outside the shower, then enter for a personalized light "treatment", and exit with a personalized jet lag treatment recommendation, advising on when to seek and avoid light over the next several days to best fight the effects of their trip.

The project was a massive success, getting loads of great press:
FastCo Create
CNN Travel
The Daily Mail

And won some awards for our efforts:
Project Isaac Award for Marketing Invention
D&AD Yellow Pencil


Digital Production Process

The Project: Process Optimization & Documentation for Digital Production
Role: Account Executive / UX Intern

The Project:

Partnering with interactive production, I created a process flow to document and guide the interactive production process for Delta Air Lines.  After one production season, we produced this document to alleviate pain points, aide in educating our clients of all the moving pieces that go into interactive production, and point out important “do not pass go” moments for agency and client parties.

It was extremely successful, functioning as a guide for clients and new agency team members alike and an important starting point for future process optimization conversations.