Anna Farrell
User Experience Design


oh, hey.


Oh, hey. 


I'm Anna. I am a Creative Director / User Experience Designer that has been leading work at agencies across New York over the past several years, and I’m very excited to meet you. While the projects I have taken on have been wildly different from one another, my goal has stayed the same - create an authentic conversation between the thing and the user. A simple, human, interaction that allows my user to move through it easily, happily, and hopefully having a closer relationship to the brand on the other side.

As for my experience, it has been wonderfully varied. I started my career in client service at McCann Erickson and Wieden+Kennedy, learning everything I could about integrated production, brand strategy, how to listen, how to work out what clients are actually asking for, how to have a thick fucking skin, and how great work gets made. From there, I heard this delightful rumor about a thing called “UX design” and decided to see what that was all about. I’ve spent the past few years leading various projects from a UX point of view at companies like Coach, Deutsch, Droga5, AnalogFolk, Method, and Publicis North America.

On the side, I'm building design business Farrell and Daughters – a holistic design studio — Designing physical spaces with human wellness at the center.

More about me, you ask?

I spent my formative years in Madison, Wisconsin, where I learned to revere three things: hard work, good beer, and the Green Bay Packers. I hop-skip-jumped to New York City by way of Minneapolis in the fall of 2010 to see if I could hack it in the baddest ad city of them all. After nearly nine years here, I only rarely question that I can. I am on a constant quest for beautiful things to stand in front of/on/within, which usually amounts to getting lost in the Whitney or trekking up to my house outside Kingston, NY on a Saturday. I love design in all of its forms - fashion, furniture, a beautifully functional sink faucet. And I have a passion for finding ways to connect human beings with experiences that honestly move them - whether that’s a better way to shop, or order lunch, or exist in an office environment.

When I'm not at work, I can usually be found in Brooklyn with my two extremely photogenic creatures - a 9 year old cat, Eleanor Rigby, and an 8.5 year old dog, Scout.

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby